Amazing Coffee Shops to Try in Seattle


Cafe Ladro
Get the Medici a mocha with curly strands of orange rind. My favorite location is Fremont, but there are many locations including one in Queen Anne near the Seattle Center.

Trophy Cupcakes
This playful Cupcake shop has the best iced coffee. Splurge for a mocha flowing with their very own ganache. They also arguably have the best French press in town. A favorite location is Wallingford, their flagship store, as some branches only serve drip coffee.

Bakery Nouveau
They have decadent coffee that pairs well with their equally rich desserts. You can choose from a mild or dark roast to go with your Praline Cake or twice-baked almond croissant. The combination and atmosphere take you straight to Paris.

Cupcake Royal
They don’t only turn out cupcakes and ice cream. Their coffee has a distinct molasses flavor that is perfect for a rainy day. They also have a seasonal Caramel Apple Cider in the fall made with real apple cider and homemade caramel.

If you are looking for an above average cup of coffee without the fuss, then this is the place for you. It’s the quintessential high quality you get what you pay for Seattle Coffee Shop.

Cafe Zoka
Perhaps has the best decaf in town. Although they do have a good Mocha, I suggest you come here to try different types of coffees which are all single origin and prepared in all sort of manners which they call brewology.

My favorite haunt from my college days. Their quadruple shot mochas kept me going when finishing up my bachelor’s degree. They are tucked in the basement of the art building at the University of Washington, and the proceeds from coffee sales go to providing scholarships to art majors.

Dilettante Chocolates
Chocolate and coffee are a matched made in heaven at this Broadway spot. Their signature chocolates are transformed into the magic that goes into their mochas- all you have to do is figure out which percent of chocolate you want in your drink. I recommend a late night coffee and dessert date with lots of people watching from their large wood framed windows.

La Panier
Located adjacent from the Pike Place Market, you can’t beat the atmosphere and location. The smell of baked goods floats out the door in an inviting mix of butter, sugar, and vanilla. I dare you not to be lured in for a breakfast of Jambon De Mornay and delicately full bodied coffee.


Two words: Deconstructed Latte. Come here to taste coffee in its simple most elegant form.  The baristas will create something suited to your tastes so don’t bother looking for a menu.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery
Watching the cream of the crop of Starbuck’s fresh beans get roasted right before your eyes is a delight. Gone is the feel of the quick in and out grind where people are rushing for their triple tall soy Carmel Macchiato hold the syrup. Getting a plain black coffee here is a hold your breath moment as your small batch roasted, co-op sourced, insanely fresh, coffee is being suctioned brewed right before your eyes.

Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe
Not your typical coffee shop. I can’t honestly remember how my coffee was, but I do remember the experience. There are so many cool gadgets and hilarious tech tools that you might forget that your coffee is waiting for you at the counter. That’s okay; because you are encouraged to stay and pick up a book while you sip on your favorite beverage.
Light House and Broadcast
Two places my barista friends are always suggesting people try. Someday I will try them too.




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