Nominated for a Liebster


the Liebster Award is a networking chain between new bloggers recognizing other bloggers. It is exciting to be recognized!

The rules for the Liebster award are as follows

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions they asked you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers.
  • Create a new list of 11 questions for your nominees.

I got nominated by Patti Reddi of The Savvy Globetrotter,  Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Below are the questions Patti posed to me and my answers:


1) What is your favorite travel memory?

When I was 5 years old we took our first family trip to Maui and my dad stepped on a gecko near the outdoor shower. The Gecko was perfectly preserved in the concrete for the week we were there.


2) What is your biggest travel fail?

Getting stuck in a Hammam or Turkish Bath during the men’s hour.  I cannot unsee what happened that day.


3) What are your three favorite places (cities or countries, islands etc.) visited and why?

Japan is another home for me. I love the food and culture. France is where much of my family is and has a special place in my heart  and the third place is anywhere I haven’t been yet!


4) Have you been somewhere that did not live up to your expectations?

I have been to places that I knew weren’t going to be outstanding, but as for expectations, I have only been let down by hotels that didn’t live up to what they stated online.



5) If you could move anywhere in the world for a year where would it be?I want to live in Europe so I can travel all over the various countries with ease in a short amount of time. I also would love to eat my way through the area.


6) How do you choose where you travel to?

I rarely choose. I get a call from a friend asking me to visit or a destination gets brought up in conversation and I am off.


7) How would you define your style of traveling?

I have dyslexia so writing is difficult for me. I focus on writing as cleanly as I can and the rest is up to the blogging gods.


8) What type of things excite you the most while traveling?

Getting lost and wandering neighborhoods is my favorite thing, besides trying new foods.


9) Who was the most interesting person you met on your travels?

When I was 16 I traveled to France to meet over 70 family members for a reunion and since then my family in the Lorraine Region have become my favorite people.


10) Do you collect anything during your travels?

Ceramic Tea Cups, food, and traditional dress.


11) Who is your favorite travel partner?

My mom and my son


I nominate:

Globetrotter Guru

Wheelchair Travel

Veronica Windom

Ivana Abroad

Atlas Enchanted

The Geeky Traveler

Asia Travel 24h

Old Sole Stories

Holly Dayz Travel

Unhook Now

Dream Discover Italia



  1. Where was the first place you traveled to?
  2. What are your must haves when traveling?
  3. Have you made life long friends with people you have met while abroad?
  4. What length of travel do you like and why?
  5. What destination are you off to next?
  6. Can you sleep on an airplane?
  7. How did you get started travel writing?
  8. What is your most memorable meal while traveling?
  9.  Do you prefer solo travel? Why or why not?
  10. How often do you encounter trouble when traveling and how do you deal with it?
  11. How has travel changed your life?

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