Travel to Japan With Snakku Snack Boxes

In the past few months, I have seen a plethora of boxed goodies from all over the world pop up in online ads. When I saw Snakku, a subscription service delivering authentic Japanese snack to your door I had to try it. The food memories I had from living in Japan seemed contained in these packages. I received an elegant box wrapped in a furoshiki full of traditional treats. The set I ordered was full of Rusks (twice baked baguette slices with a variety of flavors) and items from Hokkaido. My favorite treat was the Yuki no Yado an extra fluffy rice cake that is slightly salty and embellished with ribbons of sweet Hokkaido cream. Everything inside was beautifully decorated down to the insert explaining the delicacies within. I loved that many of the items were local, traditional, and organic. This box left me wanting more, so I spoke with the founder of Snakku, Shigeki Abe, to ask him questions about the products in his boxes. From our conversation, it was obvious he has a passion for the regional flavors he couldn’t find in America. He connected the sense of nostalgia of these foods with sharing the time-honored traditions of handcrafted, high-quality products. Their partnerships with the snack makers they work with solidify the authentic food experiences that you could only previously get in Japan. In the future, Shigeki hopes to incorporate more perishable items like wagashi or bread. I hope to get another box as each one will be different. If a full subscription isn’t for you, they offer a 1-month subscription and a tasting box.


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