5 Reasons I never climbed Mt. Fuji/ 5 terrible reasons I never climbed Mt.Fuji

  1. I got to see the mountain every day

Every week I would plan on going as I stepped out onto my deck to do my laundry. The view never got old, and I saw it when I walked to teach classes, buy groceries, or visit the beach. It was so easy to go that I took it for granted. Back in the States I am now kicking myself. I have to go back to cross it off my bucket list.

  1. I visited Fuji city

A fellow teacher took me to a mall to buy a couch for my apartment at a mall in Fuji. The mountain was so close I could smell it. Wait, no the smell was all the industrial manufacturing that was billowing smoke out of chimneys that were trying to compete with he majestic mountains height.

  1. Not the right season

Climbing on Mt.Fuji is open during warmer months. The mountain beckons to you in the winter- the only time it is visible and want to go.

  1. Planning to hike with other teachers

Our slight schedule differences never seemed to be a problem until we tried to plan something as a group. Hiking alone = not fun.

  1. Trying to get time off

As the only foreign teacher whatever time I took off I had to make up later. The lack of other teachers to take another place or just lack of vacation time isn’t true for most teachers, but it was for me. I had to decide if I should travel to another country for my holidays or hang out in my hometown. Exotic trips won every time. Who knows, maybe this year I will climb Mt.Fuji?


Copy right Amie Cuhaciyan 2015

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